Frequently Asked Questions

What made you do this?
Basically, I wanted to make some Trauma Center icons one day, and couldn't find any sprites online. I asked around and eventually came to the conclusion that they just didn't exist and if I wanted the sprites, I would have to get them myself. So I did.

So how do you do it? Any special program or something?
I use Ideas emulator to hide the layers until all that's left is the sprite. I print-screen the page and trim it all down in Paintshop Pro. Finally, I use Animation Shop to make the background transparent. Of course, there's a bit more to it that that - Trauma Center is hard enough on the DS and on an emulator, some operations are near impossible. So I play the game on a Supercard first, then copy the save data onto my hard drive so I only have to do the operations with unique sprites after them, such as Linda's operations, where her happy face only appears afterwards.

Will you screencap Second Opinion/New Blood?
Maybe in the future, if a Wii emulator is created with layering functions. And then only if it's possible to play it without having to buy a Wii and copy save data over again. I'm too poor for that.

Will you cap any future Trauma Center DS games?
If they bring any more out, sure!

Will you cap this scene with the text and background and everything?
Hmm... all right, I suppose so. You'll need to give me your email though, because I want to keep the site tidy and just for sprites.

Will you cap (game title) for me?
Probably not, no. Especially not if it's a game I'm not interested in. This one series takes enough of my time as it is and I want it to stay fun.

You missed a sprite in (whatever) part of the game!
I haven't quite finished capping game two yet, so if it's in the last three chapters, don't worry, I'm getting there. But if you spot any other missing sprites, do let me know and I'll get them.

Hey, where did you get those sprites of Derek, Cybil and Greg? I didn't see them in the game!
Heh, well spotted. There's a couple of sprites of characters in alternative outfits, where they didn't use all their game faces, so just for fun, I added their other expressions. The only one I didn't feel I could 'shop is Derek in his casual clothes, doing his operation pose. But if anyone else wants to try making it, let me see.

Can I use these sprites to make icons/avatars/wallpapers/skins/layouts/sprite comics/custom sprites/whatever takes my fancy?
Of course! That's what they're there for! You don't even have to credit me if you don't want to.

Are you connected to Atlus in any way and can you give me (whatever) information about the games?
I'm just a fan, that's all, although I'll do my best to answer your questions.